The academic track

Are you dreaming of becoming a professor one day? Or, are you just not sure yet if this is the ‘right’ career path for you? This short online workshop is the perfect way to find out more about the academic track, what universities are looking for, and how to plan your academic career strategically.

Course contents

Created by NaturalScience.Careers

Dr. Karin Bodewits 

Dr. Karin Bodewits, the main instructor for this course, comes from the Netherlands where she studied biology. After spending some time at Puleva Biotech in Spain and Unilever in China, she completed a PhD in Biochemistry at the University of Edinburgh. In 2012, she founded the successful company NaturalScience.Careers, a seminar and talk provider for natural- and life scientists. In this function, she became book author, short story writer, speaker and seminar leader and published a wide range of career and soft skills relates articles in magazines like Chemistry World and Naturejobs. She writes the Career Fables for Science Careers.